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Please click the scrolling text above to see our cats available for rehoming.

Adopting a cat

Please be aware our cats are no longer kept at our Barrack Street centre!

All our of cats are vet checked, microchipped, neutered, fully vaccinated, treated for fleas and worms and come with 4 weeks free insurance.

We only have 10 spaces for cats so please first have a look on here for the cats we have available for rehoming. There is lots of information on here about them including a few pictures.

If you are interested in adopting a cat from us,

please call 0303 0401 565

between 11am - 4pm Tuesday to Saturday to book an appointment to meet them.

Same day appointments are sometimes available. Last appointments at 3pm.

To see regular updates on them with new photos added frequently, why not join our facebook page?

Just follow this link -

Adoption fees

We charge a minimum adoption fee for our cats, payable by cash or credit/debit card at the adoption appointment of your cat:

Kittens (6 months & under) 70
Cats (over 6 months) 55

These fees in no way cover the amount it costs the RSPCA to care for all the animals we have. Please remember we receive no national or government funding and raise all our own finances in the local area.

Things to consider

Do you live near a busy or well used road? Cats are naturally curious and wondering creatures and can explore up to a 5 mile radius in a day. Keeping them safe is essential and a busy road/junction nearby can spell trouble. We will have to consider this when adopting out a cat. An 'indoor' cat (meaning that they do not go outside for health reasons) may be more suitable if where you live may be unsafe for an 'outdoor' cat.

Will the cat have immediate unaided access to shelter? The cat will need access to shelter ( the home or shed for example) either through a cat flap or from someone being at home regularly in the instance of bad weather or if it faces danger or is hurt.

How long will the cat be left for? Our cats can be rehomed to homes where people are not home all the time but this cannot be longer than 8-9 hours or a normal 'working day'. Kittens under 6 months cannot be rehomed where they will be left for more than 4 hours.

Are there children in the home?
All of our cats will have a guide with the minimum age for children they can live with. (We do not re-home any cats under the age of 6 months with children under the age of 4 years as standard).

Do you rent or own your property? If you rent, you will need to provide proof that you can have a cat/cats at the property.

Getting a pet is like adding someone to your family! It is important that both you and them have expectations and needs met.

Please note we can only rehome one cat to a home within a 3 month period, unless they have come to us as a pair or more or are part of a litter for kittens. This is to allow each cat a chance to settle into their new home.

Meeting a cat at the cattery

When you arrive for your appointment, you will be asked to fill out an application form and staff will have an informal chat with you about the cat you are there to meet or about the type of cat you are looking for if you are unsure and help you choose the right cat for you.

Once you have met the cat you are interested in, if you choose to adopt him or her, we will reserve them to you. We will then let you know if a home visit is necessary depending on the cat you reserve or any other factors.

The home visit

If we feel it would be beneficial for a home visit (for example you have not had a cat before and may need guidance or if we are unsure of whether or not your home may be too close to a busy or main road,) we will request one of our home visiting volunteers to organise one as soon as possible.

Please don't be offended - we only want what's best for a cat we are likely very fond of and have nursed back to health from an illness or injury.

Home visits are arranged at a time convenient to you, usually within a few days of the cat being reserved.

The adoption appointment

After 24 hours of reserving a cat or once you have had your home visit, you will be able to book an appointment to adopt your cat. (Please allow at least 30 minutes for this).

The cat's veterinary history, dietary needs and any other relevant details will be discussed. We then ask you to sign a simple legal declaration of adoption.

We also provide 4 week's free insurance for our adopted dogs in association with Pet Plan, the leading pet insurer.

Please remember to bring a carrier for your new family member!

We have a small shop area at the cattery with collars, toys and more all at very reasonable prices if you prefer with the proceeds going directly to our branch.

Post adoption

We will call you a few days after your cat has gone home to make sure all is ok.

If you had a home visit, we may carry out a post-home visit a few weeks later (by arrangement) usually by the same home visitor. This is to ensure that the cat has settled in well and to help with any problems that may have arisen. For example if the cat was particularly nervous or if you are a first time cat owner.

We love to see our cats settled in their new home so please send any photos or videos to or on our facebook page by clicking on the logo here

And finally....

Enjoy your time with your new family member!




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