Special Appeals


The main objective of the branch is to provide care for animals that have been picked up or taken in via the RSPCA Inspectorate.  At any one time we have over 50 animals in our care, and we quite often have animals that require more intense treatment or medical care needed to rehabilitate them.  

In order for the branch to get them back on the road to recovery, we normally place the animals in foster care so that they can reside in a calm and loving environment whilst they recover.  Unfortunately medical treatment and operations are sometimes very expensive, and although we work very closely with vets to get the best possible price for medical treatment, we still have to raise the funds ourselves to pay for the vet bills!  

Below are some current animals that we have in our care that are receieving such "special" treatment!  If you are able to donate directly to one of the animals below, it will mean that we can provide the best possible outcome for them, which ultimately means they will return to full health and we can begin the search for their forever home!  

Please be assured that any money that is donated in excess of the required amount goes towards the care and medical treatment for the next animal that needs our help!