RSPCA Charity Shops


Our charity shops are vital to supporting the services we offer caring for animals in your community.

If you have an eye for a bargain, we have 6 shops in our branch area and a warm welcome awaiting you at each one!  

We are always looking for donated items to keep our shops full. Pop in, drop off and have a browse!  


For more information on our shops, click on your nearest one below:



Queens Road Norwich




Magdalen Street Norwich


Why Donate?

Thank you for thinking of our branch to donate your goods to! 

We are so very grateful for the generous donations of local people for donating goods to sell at our charity shops.  The funds that are raised from the sale of your goods go directly back to the Adoption Centre and towards the Rescue, Rehabilitation and Rehoming efforts for local animals.


What Can I Donate To The Shops?

We can accept the following good quality, saleable items:

  • All clothing, shoes and accessories

           Ladies, mens and children's wear, vintage items, bags, belts and designer labels!

  • Homeware

           Including china, bric a brac, collectables, ornaments and pictures

  • Soft furnishings

           Including rugs, curtains, bed linen and throws - NO DUVETS PLEASE

  • Furniture (small items only) 
  • Jewellery (costume and designer)
  • Children's toys and games
  • Books
  • CD's, Vinyls, DVD's and console games
  • Mobile phones, electrical goods and camera equipment


     and much much more...


Do we deliver our furniture?

Yes we do!

If you have brought a heavy or large item from one of our shops, and would like it delivered just ask our shop managers to organise it for you.  We charge a small fee between £5 - £10 just to cover our petrol and driver costs!


Banned Goods  

Unfortunately, like any organisation there are some rules regarding what we are allowed to sell and what we are not.  Please see below an extensive list of items that unfortunately we cannot take in at our charity shops.  

This is due to us not being able to guarantee their safety or they may fall in the category of items that are related to activities opposed by the RSPCA.

Animal Related Goods   Children’s Goods  

Electrical Goods  


Miscellaneous Goods

  • Fur items of any kind
  • Stuffed animals, birds or fish, framed butterflies, shells, seahorses, sea urchins.
  • Items depicting hunting, bull fighting
  • children’s cots, mattresses, beds, child care safety seats of any kind including car seat, motor cycle helmets, riding hats, cycle helmets, child safety harnesses, prams, pushchairs, playpens,
  • Children’s toys cannot be accepted or sold without a CE mark.  
  • Pirate or copied CDs or DVDs
  • Counterfeit items
  • TVs
  • Electric blankets, electric heaters, set top boxes, sun beds, sunlamps, heat pads
  • Christmas tree lights
  • Furniture can only be sold (and accepted) with a legal UK fire test label attached. 
  • Gas or paraffin heaters
  • Lighters, matches, fireworks
  • Bikes, skateboards and skates
  • Opened make up or nail varnish
  • No sharps – includes all knives/ornamental 
  • Work tools including saws, chisels and hammers
  • We cannot accept/sell real or realistic imitation firearms
  • No used pet goods – cat collars, fish tanks and/or small animal cages.
  • Alcohol
  • Used Candles 

Please note: We cannot dispose of old duvets and are therefore unable to accept them as donations, sorry.

How can I donate?

There are several ways you can donate to our shops...

  • Come in and drop of your items
  • If you have recently received a donation bag through your letterbox, fill it up and leave out for collection. Dont forget to fill in the outer bag to Give Aid your donation
  • For furniture and large items call our Cromer shop on 01263 510333


What Is Gift Aid and can I Gift Aid My Donation?

Gift Aid is a really simple way of charities earning more money from your kind donations as it increases the value of your donation at no extra cost to you.

Every donation you make to our branch can be Gift Aided whether large or small, be it a bag of donated goods for our charity shops or a donation of money straight to the branch.

If you are a UK taxpayer (or have paid tax in the last seven years), add Gift Aid whenever you make a donation and our branch can reclaim the basic rate of tax on your gift - that's a whopping 25p for every £1 you give.

This means that a £10 donation will be worth £12.50… and for every £50 donated, our branch will actually receive £62.50!

In 2016 our branch was able to claim almost £39,000 in Gift Aid on behalf of our loyal supporters that donated their goods to our shops. THANK YOU to all our donors!! An additional figure of £1,125 was raised through people Gift Aiding their monetary donations.


Can I Gift Aid My Donation?

For your donation to qualify, you must be a UK taxpayer and pay enough income tax or capital gains tax. This must be at least equal to the amount that we'll claim on any donations you've made in that tax year.  Even if you're not employed, you're still eligible if you're paying tax on any of the following:

·         personal or occupational pension

·         stocks and shares

·         bank and building society savings accounts

·         rental income

·         overseas and UK investment dividends

For example, if you were to generously donate £100 to us in one tax year, you must have paid at least £25 tax, which is the amount that we would reclaim in Gift Aid from HMRC.


I'd Like To Gift Aid My Donations!

To add Gift Aid to your donation of charity shop goods, just complete a “Goods Donation Gift Aid Form” either in one of our Charity Shops, or by printing off a form for the charity shop of your choice from the list below.  Just click on your preferred shop, click "Download a Gift Aid Form", print it off and complete it!  All you then have to do is bring it along with your bag of donated goods to our shops.

Attleborough Shop          Queens Rd Shop          Cromer Shop          Sheringham Shop 

          Wymondham Shop             Magdalen St Shop


If you are wishing to make a financial donation to the branch and would like to Gift Aid this, then please print out the “Financial Donation Gift Aid Form” here as this is slightly different to the Donated Goods Gift Aid Form.

These forms give us permission to claim the tax back that you've already paid on your donation.


For More Help...  You can also call our branch to make a declaration over the phone or by email.  If you'd like to do this, or if you have any questions, please contact the Finance Manager (Tuesday - Thursday, 11am - 5pm) on 01603 729822 or email us.

Further information on Gift Aid and how it works can be found by visiting the HMRC website for further information.


Thank you for your support!