Adopting a Dog

All of our dogs are located at a private boarding facility. If you are interested in adopting a dog from us then in the first instance please call the kennels on 01508 548216, send them an email or visit their website.

Adoption Fees

We charge a minimum adoption fee for our dogs, payable by cash or credit/debit card at the adoption appointment:

Junior (0 - 12 months)                  £190

Adult  (1 - 8 years)                        £165

Senior (8+ years)                          £140

These fees in no way cover the amount it costs the RSPCA to care for all the animals we have.  Please remember we receive no government funding and are primarily responsible for raising our own finances in the local area.  All of our dogs are vet checked, microchipped, neutered, fully vaccinated, treated for fleas and worms and come with 4 weeks free insurance.


Things to Consider


Will the dog have immediate access to an enclosed garden?  

In most cases it is essential that the dog will have immediate access to an enclosed garden to play and exercise.

Are there children in the home?

All of our dogs will have a guide with the minimum age for children they can live with. (We do not re-home any dogs with children under the age of 4 years as standard).

Do you rent or own your property?

If you rent, you will need to provide proof that you can have a dog/dogs at the property.

How long will the dog be left for?

Our dogs cannot be left all day without being let out for toilet needs and socialisation.  Getting a dog is like adding someone to your family!  It is important that both you and the dog have expectations and needs met.


Our Dog Adoption Process  

When you arrive for your appointment, you will be asked to fill out an application form and staff will have an informal chat with you about the dog you are there to meet.  Once you have met the dog you are interested in, if you choose to adopt him or her, we ask you to meet with them a further 2 times as a minimum. For some dogs, you may need to visit more than twice if it is a nervous dog for example. This ensures that the dog and you are familiar with each other.

One of these meetings may need to be with our qualified dog behaviourist.  Any special needs the dog may have will be discussed with you in depth and you will be given all the information you will need about how to settle your dog in at home or to mix it with existing pets. If you already have a dog/s, you will be expected to bring them with you for this meeting to ensure all involved get along suitably. All members of the family that will be living with the dog, (including children), should also attend the meeting. We do our best to ensure that getting a new dog in your family life will be a smooth and enjoyable experience for you, your family and the dog!

The Home Visit

After your third meeting, a home visit will be arranged by one of our volunteers. They will then contact you to arrange the meeting at a time convenient to you. Our representative will want to ensure that each member of the family is happy and has thought about the implications of adopting a dog. The visit is also an opportunity to ask any further questions you might have.


The Adoption Appointment

Once you have had your Home Visit, you will need to phone the kennels to book an appointment to adopt your new pet. The dog's veterinary history, dietary needs and any other relevant details will be discussed.  We then ask you to sign a simple legal declaration of adoption. We also provide 4 week's free insurance for our adopted dogs in association with Pet Plan.  Please remember to bring a lead and collar for your new family member! Staff at the kennels can let you know the ideal size collar to buy.  We have a shop area at the kennels with collars, leads, toys and more all at very reasonable prices if you prefer with the proceeds going directly to our branch.

Post Adoption  

We will call you a few days after your dog has gone home to make sure all is ok.  We also carry out a post-home visit a few weeks later usually by the same home visitor. This is to ensure that the animal has settled in well and to help with any problems that may have arisen.  We offer behavioural support for any settling in problems and throughout the dogs time with you.


And finally...

Enjoy your time with your new family member!

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