Branch membership

As a member of the RSPCA you will be helping the national society campaign for better animal welfare, run our large animal hospitals and adoption centres, faciliate the RSPCA Inspectorate to investigate animal cruelty and hold offenders to account, as well as helping your local branch who in turn help animals in your community! Membership of the RSPCA is with the National Society, however a percentage is passed on to your local Branch.

Your support will help the National RSPCA campaign for:

  • a better life for Britain’s pets
  • practical and humane farming methods for all farm animals
  • the safety of wild animals
  • alternatives to replace animals in experiments

You will also be helping us give a second chance at life to vulnerable local animals. As a Branch we offer a variety of services such as rehoming and adoption, subsidised neutering, veterinary financial aid and our education programmes. All of these serve the animals and pet owners of Mid Norfolk and North Suffolk in positive ways and we couldn’t do it without the support of our fantastic members.

What do I get as a Member?

Once you have joined as a member you will be connected to your local Branch – us! We will keep you up-to-date with everything that is happening at your local RSPCA through our monthly newsletters.

As a member you will also be invited to our AGM, where you are eligible to vote on issues concerning the Branch as well as nominating and voting for our Trustees.

Individual adult membership is £24 for one year.

Joint adult membership is £36 for one year. You and your partner can become joint members of the RSPCA and receive all the benefits listed above. Joint membership is open to any two people who are both aged 18 or over and who live together at the same address as partners. Joint members will normally receive only one copy of animal life and the Annual Review sent to their joint address.

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