Postcode: NR34 9XG

Lost from: Fairfax Court, Beccles, NR34 9XG
Date lost: 23/03/2020
Animal type: Cat
Breed: British Short Hair
Pet's age: 1 - 8 years
Pet's sex: Male
Colour: Ginger with faint white stripes
Neutered: Yes
Microchipped: Yes
Collar: No
Any other information:
Please help us find Henry. We haven’t seen him since Monday 23rd March 2020. He doesn’t have a collar but he is microchipped and neutered. He can be timid but he is very friendly. His new home is Fairfax Court in Beccles, however he’s recently moved from St George’s Road. There have been possible sightings of him in many locations around Beccles, so please look out for him everywhere. We would be extremely grateful if everyone that sees this could check their garages, sheds, gardens, outbuildings, any other places that a cat could be hiding and to generally keep an eye out for him. Any information, whether happy or sad, would be sincerely appreciated - thank you.

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