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Animal Welfare Team

Our Animal Welfare Team all work tirelessly to support animals within our Branch area. They are the friendly faces behind every adoption, rehoming, financial aid and neutering voucher we issue!

Meet the Animal Welfare Team

Central Services Team

Our Central Services Team keep the organisation going by looking after our administration, customer service, I.T, communications and governance. 

Meet the Central Services Team

Education and Events Team

Our Education and Events team help to fundraise for our Branch through running events and providing educational talks at schools and groups.

Meet the Education and Events Team

Retail Team

Our retail team look after all of our charity shops that help raise the vital funds that are needed to help us continue to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome more animals. 

Meet the Retail Team

Animal Welfare Team



Animal Welfare Manager

Favourite Animal: Border Collie

After loving animals from the year dot, I honed my skills and passion further by spending 5 years studying animal science and welfare, completing both a NDAM and a BSc (Hons) in Animal Science and Welfare. I have had various jobs caring for a variety of animals from insects and reptiles to livestock and domestics. I joined the RSPCA to try to improve local animal welfare on the frontline, but literally ended up taking most things home for some TLC. That is how I’ve acquired multiple animals who are all considered ‘broken’ in some way, this includes a cat who is deaf, and only has one kidney. I manage a crack team of Animal Welfare Officers and Coordinator who deal with many aspects of each animal’s transition through the Branch and onto new homes. We all put our blood, sweat and tears into our job, (sometimes literally) to make sure the animals receive the best welfare and outcome possible. Interesting fact about me, I recently qualified as a sheep shearer!


Animal Welfare Coordinator

Favourite Animal: Cat

After moving to Norwich from Kent, I started volunteering for the RSPCA as a Cattery Assistant at the Barrack Street Branch in 2013. I then moved with the Branch to North Tuddenham and took on the role as a Volunteer Receptionist and also began fostering the cats and kittens. Since May 2018 I have been employed as Animal Welfare Coordinator, mainly dealing with welfare enquiries and neutering vouchers.  I have always had animals in my life especially cats. I have 5 cats at the moment (apart from all the foster kitties, currently 15) and will always be amazed at how different their personalities can be. Yes, I think I am the proverbial Mad Cat Lady! I love working for the RSPCA as it is never boring, you never know how your day will work out and I get great satisfaction seeing an animal change from being very sick to a healthy and happy animal again.  


Animal Welfare Officer

Favourite Animal: Tiger

Hi, my name is Charlotte but I am also known as Tigger at the office as I am very bouncy and fast moving. I used to be a receptionist at a 4* hotel so I am extremely organised and can deal with situations with the public well. I have a Level 3 Animal Management qualification and before starting at the branch I had volunteered for 3 years as a home visitor.  I am an Animal Welfare Officer for the branch, I deal with the vets, signing animals over, rehabilitating, fostering, the entire adoption process. I love working for the RSPCA as its rewarding knowing we have rescued the animals, make them better and then found them their new furever home. My favourite animal is a Tiger because they are solitary animals, playful, they love water and they are majestically beautiful. I think they are incredible. 


Animal Welfare Officer

Favourite Animal: Guinea Pig

I joined the RSPCA Norwich and Mid Norfolk branch in April 2019 after previously working as an Activities and Education Officer at Banham Zoo (Norfolk) for 2 years. Before that, I studied an animal behaviour degree at Anglia Ruskin (Cambridge) and an animal management qualification at Easton College.  I decided to join the RSPCA and work as an Animal Welfare Officer after re-homing my bubbly dog, Buzz (a Staffordshire bull terrier), in September last year. It has been such a rewarding experience to see how far he has come, and the idea of helping other animals on their journey to a cruelty free life is something I’m very excited to become a part of. My favourite animal is a guinea pig. In my previous employment they called me the G.pig queen. Guinea pigs are incredible animals; did you know pups can open their eyes in the womb before they are even born!  


Animal Welfare Officer

Favourite Animal: Horses and Dogs

I joined the RSPCA Norwich and Mid Norfolk branch in April 2019 as an Animal Welfare Officer after previously working in a variety of different job roles across Norfolk. I gained my degree in Marine Biology and Natural History in 2009 and I initially worked for Redwings Horse Sanctuary before teaching on the Animal Science and Welfare pathway at Easton and Otley College. I left teaching and then joined Norfolk Constabulary as a PC based in Norwich City Centre working with a variety of different people and situations. After working several roles out of the animal welfare sector, I realised that I wanted to come back and work with animals, so I successfully joined the RSPCA! My favourite animals are both Horses and Dogs, I'm afraid I can't pick just one!


Central Services Team


Head of Operations

Favourite Animal: Bushmaster Viper

I have a real passion for animal welfare and have been lucky enough throughout my 22 year career to have been an RNZSPCA Inspector, Veterinary Nurse with Guide Dogs for the Blind, RSPCA Branch Development Adviser, Regional Manager for Cats Protection, Head of Volunteering at Battersea Cats & Dogs Home and was the Chairman of the RSPCA Essex North East Branch. I can honestly say that I love my role, and am very lucky to work with such a fabulous team of staff and volunteers who have all the skills, experience and enthusiasm in order to achieve positive outcomes for animals. That’s what we’re all here for, and that’s what makes the RSPCA the best animal welfare charity in the world.


Central Services Manager

Favourite Animal: Bumblebees

My background is in administration in the not-for-profit sector but I have always loved animals so when the opportunity came up to work for a Branch of the RSPCA I was thrilled! Every day is different and exciting and I have learnt so much watching our fantastic Animal Welfare Team at work. I found it really hard to choose a favourite animal but I would have to say bumblebees are one of my favourites as they are so important to our environment and are really extraordinary little creatures.


Customer & Volunteering Services Officer

Favourite Animal: Owls

Hi, my name is Emma and I am the Customer and Volunteering Services Officer.

In my spare time I volunteer for Skyros Island Horse Trust in Skyros, Greece. This involves me going out to Skyros to work on the farm, so most of my holiday time is spent working! On the farm there are 39 Skyrian Horses, 16 cats 3 dogs and many chickens! I also help run their Facebook page and assist with recruiting new volunteers so even when I am back at home I am able to help. I love animals and previously worked in Equine Welfare at Redwings Horse Sanctuary. After Redwings I had a complete change and worked in mental health for five years. I am so excited to be working for the RSPCA, a charity I have always supported and I am glad to be back working in animal welfare full time.

My favourite animals are owls!



Favourite Animals: Cats and Geckos

I joined the team as a receptionist in September 2019 and I could not be more happy working for such an amazing and caring charity. Surrounded by inspiring animal lovers and amiable people, I get to combine my passion for excellent customer service with my undying love for all beasts of all natures. By day I help assist the team with administration and with all enquires from the public (and give visiting animals all the cuddles they deserve), whilst by the evening I compose & record music with my up and coming band 'Skin Changer', who's name was inspired by Chameleons! Other than animals my passions have always lied with guitar playing of all styles - who ever said you couldn't be a rock star and a receptionist at the same time?? The surest way to my heart is a bunch of screaming kittens and a prog rock album...


Education and Events Team


Education and Events Officer

Favourite Animal: Penguin

I joined the RSPCA Norwich and Mid Norfolk Branch in January 2019 as the Education and Events Officer. Having previously worked in Local Government for 13 years delivering training and education events in schools I saw this role as a combination of my two loves, educating children and adults and organising events to not only reach a wider audience for animal welfare advice but to raise much needed funds for the branch. It is so rewarding to be part of the journey the animals we deal with go on, I get up in the morning with a purpose, the work of the whole team is inspiring and I am proud to play a part. I never believed in the "perfect" job and enjoying the work you do but this role has proved me wrong on both counts. My favourite animal is a penguin (although we don't have many of them) but on the domestic front I better say a cat or my son would never forgive me!!


Retail Team


Retail Development Manager

Favourite Animal: Staffordshire Bull Terrier

I am 54 (going on 24) and have loved animals all my life. I come from a commercial background in sales and marketing within the health club sector - not a natural transition into the third sector you might think..but so many skills learned in that environment served me well when I joined the RSPCA in 2013 as Fundraising & Marketing Manager on a maternity cover post.  I love making money, meeting targets, working with the general public and setting my sights high for fundraising for local animals in need. In 2014 I became the Retail Development Manager responsible for our charity shops. I really enjoy the HR side of my role, mentoring and coaching to achieve a happy workplace that achieves higher income for the branch each year. My favorite animal is the Staffy - known as the "nanny dog"  for their caring nature and love of cuddles. 


Deputy Retail Development Manager

Favourite Animal: Dog

I Joined the RSPCA Norwich and Mid Norfolk branch in December 2018 as a Deputy Retail Development Manager. My duties involve providing support and training to my wonderful shop managers and volunteers. I have many years’ experience in the retail sector, in my last position prior to joining the RSPCA I was an Online Manager for a large supermarket chain. I was extremely excited to be given an opportunity to join a charity and a team that shares my beliefs on Animal welfare and sentiency. I personally look forward to seeing how we can evolve as a branch and community so that we all can provide the care and love all animal deserve.

I have a 5 year old Chihuahua called Toffee that follows me around everywhere and likes to get involved in everything I do. My favourite animals are dogs because no matter what their love and loyalty is unconditional.

RSPCA Mid Norfolk & North Suffolk Branch, William Frost Way, New Costessey, Norwich, NR5 0JS
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