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We think this will give you a warm and fuzzy #fridayfeeling, it certainly did for us!

We recently had a very generous donation for our animals from a young girl called Charlotte. Charlotte is ten years old and had saved up all her pocket money to buy some treats and toys for our animals and included a lovely letter about how she wants to be a vet when she grows up. Our team have been out and about this week sharing the goodies with the animals in our care and as you can see, they are very happy indeed!

A huge thank you to Charlotte and her Mum for stopping by and for thinking of our animals. We’d be lying if we said the letter didn’t make us tear up a bit, you’ve made our week and you’ve made a huge difference to the lives of our animals as well. We think Charlotte is going to make an excellent vet 😊 



JamieWe think this will give you a warm and fuzzy #fridayfeeling, it certainly did for us!
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Arty August

Arty August is your chance to show us your creative side!

Choose from one of our three prompts: Pets, Wildlife, Environment and then get creative! Whether you like to paint, knit, sculpt, draw, sew or crochet, we want to see your creations and even better, you could win a prize!

There are four age groups you can enter into.

Kittens and Puppies – 0 – 6 years

Lizards and Snakes – 7 – 11 years

Parrots and Canaries 12 – 16 years

Bugs and Wildlife 17+ years

Simply post your creation on our Arty August event page, email us at or share it using the hashtag #ArtyAugust with your name and age by the end of August and you could win:

– A selection of RSPCA merchandise
– A certificate from the Branch
– The winning artwork from each category will be displayed as the cover photo for the RSPCA Mid Norfolk and North Suffolk Branch Facebook and Twitter page.

The entries will be shortlisted by our team before being put out to a public vote on our website and Facebook page, with the winner announced on 7th September!

Entries must fully comply with the Arty August Terms and Conditions to be considered. You can find these here

AnnaArty August
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July 2020 Newsletter

Happy Friday to all of our supporters! Please click HERE to see our most recent Newsletter for July!

If you haven’t already, make sure to sign up for the free newsletters HERE – So you dont miss out on next months! Thank you for your vital support


JamieJuly 2020 Newsletter
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You may have seen the fascinating news that dogs are being trained to detect COVID-19 but why is it that dogs are so good at sniffing out diseases and what makes their noses so powerful? #wednesdaywisdom

Knowledge is power… The National RSPCA recently put out an interesting blog written by a dog welfare expert, surrounding dogs incredible sense of smell and how they might be able to aid us in the fight against Coronavirus. It’s a worthwhile read so we encourage you to learn something new today! Click HERE for instant access


JamieYou may have seen the fascinating news that dogs are being trained to detect COVID-19 but why is it that dogs are so good at sniffing out diseases and what makes their noses so powerful? #wednesdaywisdom
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Check out our home made video for this years Animal Welfare Stats – We are blown away already…

Thank you to everyone reading and to all who support us and our animals.. Without your help, we wouldn’t be able to do the incredible things we do. Please enjoy our video below!

We are glad to be on this journey with you and proud to share this years progress. This years statistics have me motivated to help raise even more funds and work extra hard – Are you as motivated to help more animals? Click ‘Get Involved’ on the home page and let’s make a difference to animals in your area. There are so many other ways you can help drive our amazing team, if you would like to know more please get in touch HERE


JamieCheck out our home made video for this years Animal Welfare Stats – We are blown away already…
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#ThrowBackThursday: A day on the road

Today is a #ThrowBackThursday kind of day! Customer and Volunteering Services Officer Emma, had a rather unique opportunity when she first joined the team; accompanying an RSPCA inspectorate for day on the job! Below is a nice piece Emma has put together to share with you, taking us back to what I can safely assume was an interesting day!

Since I was a child I have always been interested and intrigued by what the Inspectorate do at the RSPCA. During my first week in my new role at the Mid Norfolk & North Suffolk Branch, I was lucky enough to go out with Paige, an Animal Collection Officer (ACO) from the National RSPCA. Our day out was very interesting and varied with the first call out being to help a chicken with a broken leg that was seen wandering near a road.

                                                                One of many animals ACO’s come out to help

We also rescued a Gull with a broken wing and took it to East Winch, our wildlife centre near Kings Lynn. Everything is always done in the best interests of the animal and I was educated on the importance of a thorough rehabilitation process which involves understanding, patience and minimal human contact with these wild animals. It was lovely to see so many different species at the last stages of their rehabilitation and almost ready to be released back into their natural habitat.

                                                                       Pictured: East Winch Animal Hospital

It’s amazing what the ACO’s do, whether it’s helping an injured chicken, rescuing a seal in distress or climbing up ladder to rescue a wild bird, it’s all done with compassion and love for the animals. It’s not without its challenges though; sometimes the Inspectorate has to deal with confrontation from the public, dangerous animals and have to work in extreme conditions. Although, I am told the job as a whole is very rewarding.

Paige is very dedicated and explained, getting a call out at 1 am to help an animal in distress is something she does not hesitate to act on. Animals always come first and no matter what, Paige will do all she can to help an animal in need.

The Inspectorate may be part of the National RSPCA however they work closely with our Branch and liaise with the Animal Welfare Team who, on occasion, is able to assist with finding temporary accommodation for the smaller rescued animals in the area.

As a whole, the RSPCA and our Branch dedicates its every move to animals in need. This includes all staff and volunteers in all positions such as; office and admin, education and events, shops, welfare, Inspectorate and many more. I am very lucky to be part of an organisation that is dedicated to animal welfare, with a great team who all pride themselves in caring for animals.

Thank you Emma for sharing your Throw Back moment
Check back again soon for more interesting reads and blogs from our team

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Jamie#ThrowBackThursday: A day on the road
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Great News!!

We are delighted to announce that our Charity Shops will be open again on the 29th June! Rest assured we will be putting measures in place to ensure we uphold the safety of our staff, volunteers and members of the public. Looking forward to seeing you all again!

If you would like to donate to our Branch, or if you have any questions about what items are suitable for our shops or animals, get in touch HERE

We look forward to hearing from you!

JamieGreat News!!
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#ThursdayThoughts: The Mad House

Hello and welcome again to another edition of #ThursdayThoughts! We have another interesting insight to what life looks like from home, kindly provided by our Animal Welfare Manager Chloe. Despite being busy with the rest of the team she has taken the time to share this with us!

Working from home in ‘The Mad House’

Welcome to the jungle, we take it day by day… Generally a good synopsis of our house right now!

Our job varies day to day at the best of times however recently things just got more interesting and now working life and home life blend together. Currently a typical working day is a mixture of home working on admin, invoices and logistics along with call outs to move animals to safe locations such as fosterers when animals are brought into our care along with many vet visits, adoptions, supply drops etc.


My job includes such a variety of situations and anything can happen when you receive a call from an Inspector or Animal Collection officer! A typical conference call at the moment involves my foster parrot announcing her presence with a “Helllooo!”followed by a wolf whistle or two. Thankfully most of our calls are internal however I do get caught out on external ones and have to explain that I’m not currently in the jungle, (especially if I have foster budgies or cockatiels).

Due to lockdown, we had to move animals quickly into various fosterer carers which meant several animals appeared in my house (thankfully I have a very understanding husband). This included a heavily pregnant cat who decided on the Tuesday night (the day after lockdown was announced) to start giving birth just as I walked in the door! This lead to around 3 hours of not being allowed to leave the kitchen as mumma cat (Puma) wanted me by her side. The first two boys presented upside down and breach but thankfully I have lambed many sheep so have plenty of experience in animal midwifery although this was far more intricate! Check out our Instagram and Facebook to watch the kittens grow!

My household consists of various animals from birds, to reptiles, to small furries or cats and dogs. Normally my husband receives a text with something along the lines of “there’s a terrapin in the living-room” whereby I normally get a reply of “of course there is, why wouldn’t there be!” What many people do not realise is how often we as staff take home multiple different animals to ensure we can get them to safety. We also have many hard working private boarding establishments, veterinary staff, Inspectors and Animal Collection Officer who have all worked tirelessly to make sure our animals are safe and cared for. Many people do not realise how much of our lives become work but we do it for the love of animals!

Oh there goes the phones again… I wonder what animal will need our help next…


Thank you Chloe for this insight into the ‘Mad House’!
Check back again soon for more interesting reads and blogs from our team

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Jamie#ThursdayThoughts: The Mad House
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