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I joined the team as a Receptionist in September 2019 and I could not be happier working for such an amazing and caring charity. Surrounded by inspiring animal lovers and amiable people, I get to combine my passion for excellent customer service with my undying love for all beasts of all natures. By day I help assist the team with administration and with all enquiries from the public (and give visiting animals all the cuddles they deserve), whilst by the evening I compose and record music with my up and coming band ‘Skin Changer’, whose name was inspired by Chameleons! Other than animals my passions have always lied with guitar playing of all styles – whoever said you couldn’t be a rock star and a receptionist at the same time?? The surest way to my heart is a bunch of screaming kittens and a prog rock album…

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My name is Emma and I am the Customer and Volunteering Services Officer for the Branch. In my spare time I volunteer for Skyros Island Horse Trust in Skyros, Greece. This involves me going out to Skyros to work on the farm, so most of my holiday time is spent working! On the farm there are 39 Skyrian Horses, 16 cats 3 dogs and many chickens! I also help run their Facebook page and assist with recruiting new volunteers so even when I am back at home I am able to help. I love animals and previously worked in Equine Welfare at Redwings Horse Sanctuary. After Redwings I had a complete change and worked in mental health for five years. I am so excited to be working for the RSPCA, a charity I have always supported and I am glad to be back working in animal welfare full time.

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My background is in administration in the not-for-profit sector but I have always loved animals so when the opportunity came up to work for a Branch of the RSPCA I was thrilled! Every day is different and exciting and I have learnt so much watching our fantastic Animal Welfare Team at work. I found it really hard to choose a favourite animal but I would have to say bumblebees are one of my favourites as they are so important to our environment and are really extraordinary little creatures.

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I have a real passion for animal welfare and have been lucky enough throughout my 22 year career to have been an RNZSPCA Inspector, Veterinary Nurse with Guide Dogs for the Blind, RSPCA Branch Development Adviser, Regional Manager for Cats Protection, Head of Volunteering at Battersea Cats & Dogs Home and was the Chairman of the RSPCA Essex North East Branch. I can honestly say that I love my role, and am very lucky to work with such a fabulous team of staff and volunteers who have all the skills, experience and enthusiasm in order to achieve positive outcomes for animals. That’s what we’re all here for, and that’s what makes the RSPCA the best animal welfare charity in the world.

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