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I have worked in the Wymondham shop for 5 years where I started doing two days a week, this year it changed to three days. Most days I love my job I have a lovely hard working group of volunteers in the shop. I enjoy the customers that come in and their dogs which are my favourite pet of all, Labradors being my love of my life, having had my first at only 5 years old.

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I’m the manager of the Wymondham shop and have been for the past 16 years, this is our second shop we moved to our present location in 2012 from a smaller shop just across the road. I really enjoy working in the shop with our lovely customers and volunteers some who have been here longer than me! What I really enjoy is the variety of each day from the lovely donations, to dressing our windows. You never know what each day will bring sometimes nothing (!) or sometimes it’s overwhelming, but we cope. We also have lots of lovely customers who regularly come in for a chat and then we can give their dogs a treat too.

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I started out in graphic design and illustration and qualified in illumination and calligraphy also learning Spanish. I also ran a successful textile agency for 25 years working with Spanish, South African, Indian and Italian companies and had a shop/gallery showcasing artist and crafts people from UK. I was a Volunteer home visitor, Trustee and Branch Secretary for Lancashire East. I welcomed to my home, Rosie (Border Collie), Tess (Collie Heeler) Sam (Beardie Poodle) Minnie (who knows what?!) all from RSPCA and Mogs now Ben from a council house rescue. Of course I love all animals but my favourite animal is whatever pet I have at the time. Currently Ben the Border Collie.

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Before joining the RSPCA family I worked as a classroom assistant teaching special youth with complex and profound difficulties discovering hidden amazing skills. I also have worked in IT which involved visiting customers, writing and developing bespoke software. Here I met my husband of 29 years. We have six children and have cared for various pets including Twitchy, Fudge and Truffles the rabbits and Rex Gandalf, Charcoal & Flash the guinea pigs. I also have a long sales background, working in store and as a jewellery rep travelling around Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. Home work included childminding and selling on eBay and Amazon. I am wholeheartedly behind all the RSPCAs aims and feel privileged to be able to be fundraising for such a good cause.

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I have worked for the RSPCA Mid Norfolk and North Suffolk Branch for 10 years as a Shop Manager. I love my job – every day is different. I particularly enjoy the creative side doing shop displays and windows. I adore all animals – particularly cats. Knowing that all the money we raise goes straight to local animals in need, makes my job so worthwhile.

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My love of animals definitely came from my parents, especially my Dad who was constantly rescuing German Shepherd dogs (his favourite breed) and so I grew up surrounded by big affectionate dogs. As much as I would love a big dog I only have room for a little one and so at home (and sometimes at work) I have my little spaniel Leo who just loves all the attention and fuss he can get. I started with the RSPCA in 2018 and feel really proud to be working for such a wonderful charity which helps animals and people in so many different ways; and as an added benefit I get to fuss all of the dogs who come into our shop with their owners!

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I’ve been obsessed with animals since I was a child, becoming vegetarian at the age of 12 and recently becoming a Vegan. I have always had rescue animals and wanted to be involved in helping them anyway I could. I have always worked in retail and have been in management roles for 20 years and managing a store to raise money for neglected and abandoned animals has fulfilled a lifelong ambition. It’s a pleasure to come to work knowing the difference you make!

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I’ve worked for the RSPCA for 2 years and 8 months. I am the Shop Manager for the Lowestoft Branch and I love my job,as no two days are the same. I like reading and taking holidays, I love all animals but my favourite animal is a dog .

I have two Chihuahuas, Precious is a rescue I found her at 3 weeks old and fell in love she is now 5 and doing great. My little boy Spec is 4 years old, he is so loving.

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I am Deputy Manager for the Dereham shop and I have been in the role since the store opened and have previously been a store manager for another local animal charity in Dereham. I am a massive animal lover and rescued my current dog from the RSPCA 5 years ago, he had been in the shelter for some time as he is quite a large mixed breed (American Bulldog/Boxer ) so I feel people were intimidated by him. He had been badly mistreated but he is the most sweetest, gentlest dog you could hope to meet.

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From a very young age I have been involved in the husbandry of many animals. My Dads job was in animal welfare. We kept a smallholding of animals and continue to keep a variety of birds. Growing up, the house was always filled with children, the local injured wildlife, small farm animals and pets. I enjoyed every minute and love animals. I realise how lucky I was.

I am a recent member of the Retail team, opening the Dereham shop just this year. I come from a retail background having previously worked for a large supermarket chain for 10 years. I love customer service and enjoy the HR part of my job. I am relishing the opportunity to make our Dereham charity shop a part of the community, spreading awareness of the RSPCA’s work and helping facilitate the welfare team with an income.

My partner in crime and best friend is my Westie, Vicky. I love Westie’s, they are such gentle dogs and their bustling makes me giggle.

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