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I have worked in the Wymondham shop for 5 years where I started doing two days a week, this year it changed to three days. Most days I love my job I have a lovely hard working group of volunteers in the shop. I enjoy the customers that come in and their dogs which are my favourite pet of all, Labradors being my love of my life, having had my first at only 5 years old.

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I’m the manager of the Wymondham shop and have been for the past 16 years, this is our second shop we moved to our present location in 2012 from a smaller shop just across the road. I really enjoy working in the shop with our lovely customers and volunteers some who have been here longer than me! What I really enjoy is the variety of each day from the lovely donations, to dressing our windows. You never know what each day will bring sometimes nothing (!) or sometimes it’s overwhelming, but we cope. We also have lots of lovely customers who regularly come in for a chat and then we can give their dogs a treat too.

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