Prior to devoting myself to my events business, I have trained sales professionals around the country and worked as an Account Executive where I exceeded quotas, managed key accounts, and built strong working relationships with 100+ organisations.

More than 10 years ago, I donated my time to a local Cancer Research UK Committee and organised countless events.  Since then I have organised events all over the world for various clients, but this is a first for me being a ‘fundraising consultant’, it is exactly what you’d think it’s like.  I work tirelessly using a range of techniques to grow our supporter base to recruit and retain donors, in order to maximise income.  It is a difficult time and there is a part for all our staff, volunteers and supporters to play to help animals in need. 

Luckily, I am a real people person, enjoy making connections and like to stay organised to make everyone’s life easier.  Work is no different, there are many things that can grow a company the way that trust and dependability can, and I pride myself in being so dedicated to both.

When I’m not working or in denial about having a social life, I’m either trying to get fit in the gym, or with the world’s greatest little 3 and 1 year old boys (aka monkeys … because they are smart, funny and oh so cute!).  My monkeys are my rock and have helped me really understand my purpose, it is now my role to inspire them to also follow their dreams with courage. I truly just want us all to succeed and will go out of my way to ensure that.