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Norwich & Mid-Norfolk

We are a financially independent charity which means all money raised in Norfolk, stays in Norfolk. 

Did you know... Our branch NEVER puts an animal to sleep, unless we have been strongly advised to by our animal behaviourist and/or vets.  To find our more about the local branch and the work we do please visit our "About Us" page! 



If you have an emergency or you need to report cruelty you must call the National RSPCA Cruelty Helpline on 0300 1234 999 and they will be able to assist you.

Meeting our animals 

We operate on an appointment basis only so if you are interested in adopting one of our animals please call us on 0303 040 1565 or you can visit our "Adopt a Cat" or "Adopt a Dog" page and fill in an enquiry form and our Animal Care team will get back to you to arrange an appointment!




Happy Endings

We just love receiving letters and photos from animals that used to be in our care - telling us how much they love their new homes...  
Breaking news ~ The wonderful Ellie has just said all of her goodbyes and has been whisked off to her new home.

One of our volunteers spotted Ellie the week she came in and just fell in love with 
her, and knew then that she could offer her a happy ending!  She is still on ongoing medical treatment which will be life long for Ellie. She is a completely different dog compared to the dog she was when she entered our care.

We would like to thank each and every one of you that donated towards Ellie's treatment, shared the link, spread the word of her justgiving page and supported us!  Big hugs, licks and wags also passed on from Ellie x
To read Ellie's story visit our Before and After page to see her and other animals that have been helped by your local RSPCA branch!